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syncreon Toluca Joins the Fight Against Breast Cancer

syncreon Toluca organized a site-wide campaign to raise breast cancer awareness. The event was dubbed Pink Day, and urged site staff to join the fight against breast cancer.

Visiting guest speakers gave educational talks about prevention and self-examination techniques, and raised awareness about the fact that anyone can be susceptible to the disease, regardless of gender, age and other factors.

Whether they know someone who is currently living with breast cancer or is a breast cancer survivor, or whether they are in either position themselves, employees gathered to share their stories.

One syncreon employee shared the story of his wife, Estela. She was the eldest daughter of four and a mother of two, who had a job at a toy store and as a model with a modelling agency. One day halfway through one of her modelling events, she started feeling ill and went to the hospital. After many hours of tests and studies, doctors discovered that Estela had breast cancer.

Estela shared the news with her husband, but did not tell her mother or siblings until six months later, when she could no longer hide the fact that she was severely ill. Even when the cancer forced her to close her toy store and leave her modelling career, Estela still continued her love, passion and enthusiasm as a wife and mother.

Not wanting her family to see her struggles in fighting the cancer, she always went to the hospital for chemotherapy treatments alone. She spent a year fighting the cancer until she was hospitalized. On February 9th, 2013, Estela lost her life to breast cancer.

In honor of victims like Estela, syncreon employees painted their hands pink and left a handprint on a mural displayed on site, accompanied by the names of the brave men and women in their lives who endure in spite of, have overcome or been lost to cancer.

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