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At syncreon, we partner with customers to provide specialized logistics, operational excellence and solutions in: Fulfillment, eCommerce & Value-Add Solutions, Manufacturing Support & Assembly Services, Export Packing, Transportation Management and Reverse, Repair & Service Parts.

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syncreon is not just a 3PL, we’re your partner. We specialize in the design and operation of supply chain solutions for Automotive, Technology, Consumer Home Products, Industrial, Healthcare & MedTech companies.

Innovators in Supply Chain Solutions

Our flexible, scalable and agile solutions have the framework to support our customers’ growth and future requirements. We have the ability to adapt to challenges in a constantly changing environment while keeping speed to market and quality in mind, ensuring minimal disruption to our customers’ supply chains.

Our customer base includes premier global brands, providing us with extensive experience with many complex and varied business models.


Fulfillment, eCommerce 
& Value-Add Solutions

syncreon’s warehouse solutions can support e-Commerce, Retail and B2B fulfillment, improve inventory efficiency and accelerate your response to changing customer demands. Our experts design, implement, and operate end-to-end flexible warehousing and distribution solutions tailored to your business needs and supported by full-service control towers and call centers where required.

This solution includes both dedicated & shared warehouse facilities with the appropriate levels of automation to support your business, whether fully automated or semi. Our additional value-add sub-services include: Configure to Order, Build to Stock, Software Flashing, Kitting, Personalization & Localization, Postponement with options in dedicated or multi-user operations.

Manufacturing Support 
& Assembly Services

This solution’s sub-services include; Inbound to Manufacturing, In-Plant Logistics and Assembly, Sub-Assembly and Testing Services. Our Manufacturing Support solution can be co-located in the customer’s plant or in a nearby syncreon facility to provide Just-in-time, scheduled and sequenced delivery of individual parts or sub-assemblies to the point of fit. Coordinating material flow, inventory control, line side delivery, and empties removal in a timely manner is critical to the smooth running of the customer assembly process.

syncreon has extensive assembly and sub assembly services experience across the industries served.

Automotive Export Packing

Our Export Packing solution is a seamless extension to a customer’s operation, and facilitates the receiving, staging and packing of parts for export to assembly plants around the world. Complete-Knock-Down (CKD) lots are packaged and shipped in engineered pack solutions. Semi-Knock-Down (SKD) lots consist of built-up component assemblies and typically include units with a higher degree of completion. Part-by-Part (PBP) component shipments require sophisticated overseas assembly. syncreon has the expertise to receive and unbox material shipments at overseas customer destinations, and our proprietary, best-in-class WMS ensures fast, accurate and efficient handling of received inventory. Our knowledge and experience have enabled us to coordinate global export shipping programs for some of the largest automotive manufacturers and OEMs.

This solution’s sub-services include: Supply Chain Coordination, CKD Lot and Part-by-Part, SKD, Special Corrosion Services and Packaging Design & Engineering.

Transportation Management

Our Transport Management solution simplifies your supply chain by serving as a single point of contact for product transportation, inventory visibility, billing, customer service and network management. syncreon’s approach reduces overall logistics and inventory costs by optimizing delivery routes and minimizing the number of times a component is handled in the distribution chain. We locate our facilities in close proximity to our customers, and we manage final mile distribution and reverse logistics transportation with options for many value-added services (e.g.: white glove) to enhance your supply chain.

This solution’s sub-services include: 4PL Carrier Management and Control Tower services, Technical Delivery and Full Truck load services supported by our syncreon fleet and long term transportation partner network.

Reverse, Repair & Service Parts

With extensive experience and expertise providing various complex service models in the Reverse Logistics industry, we help you reduce costs in your supply chain and extend the useful lifecycle of your products.

This solution’s sub-services include: RMA & Disposition, Dismantling & Recycling, Remanufacturing, Component Harvesting, Advanced Exchange and Product Swap services, Product Test, Repair & Refurbishment and Service Parts Fulfillment.

A leading provider of supply chain services

syncreon’s solutions are rooted in our expertise and the capabilities we have developed over 60 years as logistics partner to many of the world’s leading companies.

  • Fulfillment, eCommerce 
& Value-Add Solutions
  • Manufacturing Support 
& Assembly Services
  • Automotive Export Packing
  • Transportation Management
  • Reverse, Repair & Service Parts

At a Glance

  • 60+

    Years of Experience

    We have added significant value to our customers’ operations through our solutions.

  • 100+

    Locations Worldwide

    Presence across North & South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

  • 14K+

    Employees Globally

    Today we have 14,000+ diverse employees working in 100+ locations worldwide.


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