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syncreon Auburn Hills Raises $12,000 for the Disability Network of Oakland & Macomb to Fund a Longtime Dream

syncreon’s Auburn Hills Corporate Headquarters held a large-scale fundraising event to raise enough money for the Disability Network of Oakland & Macomb (DNOM) to fund their REC-IT Trailer initiative, a longtime dream for the charity!

DNOM, a local charity dedicated to empowering people with disabilities, came up with the idea for the REC-IT Trailer when they realized the limitations that disabled individuals face in accessing recreational opportunities. Their goal was to purchase a 20-foot trailer and fill it with adaptable equipment to take to local, recreational events. The equipment would be available to show persons with disabilities how they can participate, and to educate the community on how to make events inclusive and accessible.

“We had been trying to fund the REC-IT Trailer for years,” said Kelly Winn, Executive Director at DNOM. “Recreational events in the area typically aren’t inclusive of people with disabilities. Things like 5K walks, fishing and skiing events don’t provide adaptable equipment. We dreamed up the REC-IT Trailer as something that could make our county a leader in community awareness and inclusion for all.”

syncreon had been searching for a local charity in line with our 2018 charitable theme of Access and Empowerment for People of All Abilities. Marc Boonen, syncreon’s Chief Commercial Officer, challenged the Auburn Hills marketing team to organize an event to raise the funds necessary to purchase the REC-IT Trailer.

“We chose DNOM because our team wanted to support a local charity which focused exclusively on empowering people in Oakland and Macomb counties, where most of our staff live,” Marc explained.

“They were willing to do whatever they had to do to make the fundraiser successful for us,” Kelly said. “It was the first time that a corporate sponsor had arranged an event for us. We were so excited because for the first time, the REC-IT Trailer seemed like a real possibility instead of a dream.”

syncreon successfully raised the $12,000 necessary to completely fund DNOM’s REC-IT Trailer initiative. DNOM is excited to start the next phase and fill the trailer with adaptable equipment and syncreon is pleased to have made their longtime REC-IT Trailer dream come true.

“There are many people with disabilities that are not offered the opportunity to engage in social recreational activities, and many just want to be active and healthy members of their communities,” said Kelly. “Whether someone wants to try mountain biking, golfing or fishing, DNOM wants to make it happen and cultivate a transformation in the way our community embraces all of its citizens. Thanks to syncreon, we’re off to a great start!”

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