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US Export Program for BMW

BMW has selected syncreon as its service provider to handle CKD (Completely Knocked-Down) and SKD (Semi Knocked-Down) vehicle body exports from the USA.

In Spartanburg South Carolina, near BMW’s manufacturing location, syncreon is establishing a facility from which it will provide services inclusive of warehousing, inventory management, part packing, and packaging to support BMW X3 CKD and SKD exports. Additionally syncreon will handle trim and assembly parts from external suppliers, together with associated BMW vehicle parts.

Typically a CKD or SKD export program operates on a pre-determined “LOT” basis. Partially built-up bodies are matched with the associated trim and assembly components required to build a given number of finished vehicles. Subsequently these vehicle ‘kits’ are packed and shipped in a fixed number of sea containers to the destination country.

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