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syncreon is one of the First 3PLs to Pilot UBiMAX Wearable Warehouse Technology

syncreon Looks to UBiMAX and Google Glass to Help Warehouse Workers
Over 66% of syncreon’s employees work desk-free in front-line warehouse positions that are critical to the company’s successful performance. Julian Mordaunt, Chief Information Officer and Chief Solution Officer for syncreon said, “Our Global Solutions & Innovation team constantly evaluates industry relevant innovations in search of improved worker and customer satisfaction through better operational performance, improved quality, and lower total cost. Wearable device solutions are an area of focus and we are very encouraged by the initial results of our pilot trials with Ubimax and Google Glass.” During the three-week pilot program, 3,000 units were picked from more than 900 warehouse locations. This pilot program included syncreon operators, IT, production managers, trainers, quality engineers, and process engineers. The Smart Glasses provided an intuitive display of relevant information for incoming orders. Supported by the auxiliary bar-code scanner devices, hands-free flexible order picking was successfully achieved.

syncreon front-line worker feedback on the new picking solution has been extremely positive. Workers immediately noticed great ergonomic benefit. Step-by-step guidelines projected within the Smart Glasses are of great assistance. This, combined with hands-free picking was a serious game changer – resulting in an increased picking efficiency of 15%. Ubimax’s intuitive user interface provides the order picker with only relevant information. The possibility of configuring orders in advance enables workers to increase picking performance and reducing error rates at the same time. With over 3,000 units successfully picked, syncreon is currently considering a production deployment starting with many European sites.

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