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Speyer Rallies to Assist After Floods Devastate Parts of Germany

In July, heavy rain caused rivers to overflow in parts of West Germany, resulting in massive, deadly flooding in the areas of Mosel, Rhine and Ruhr. Many regions were left without drinking water, electricity and food, all which had to be supplied by helicopter. People were suffering and urgently needed help.

Showing their depth of compassion and desire to assist those in need, the syncreon Speyer team acted quickly by:

• Focusing their assistance efforts on the town of Schuldt which was heavily impacted
• Raising € 711 (boosted further by syncreon Corporate to € 5,000)
• Donating and dispatching 600 gallons of water worth € 6,000
• Packing and shipping work clothes the Speyer site had in stock for emergency helper teams to use (the fire brigade of Speyer helped the team with this)

This terrible disaster claimed approximately 200 lives and injured more than 700, with many still missing and suffering.

The Speyer group’s response is testament to the difference that can be made when we join together.

syncreon is immensely proud of this team and their quick, well thought out actions which surely contributed to reducing some of the suffering of those impacted.

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