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Making Headway in Hungary

Last year syncreon began supporting Audi’s operations in Gyor, Hungary. The following is a translation of an article, published in April’s edition of Audi’s own regional newsletter referencing the success of this operation.

The rearrangement coordinated by syncreon Kft. was one of the most significant ‘in-house’ logistics projects in Hungary in 2008. The fulfillment had to be made in an operating plant which required thorough organization and preparation.

Signs are helping orientation
See-through, safe, efficient
The project aimed at optimizing the logistics area of Gyor’s vehicle production is the first initiative in the history of AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. to be led and fulfilled by an external company. It was this company, syncreon, who re-designed the warehouse of more than sixteen thousand square meters(!).

– syncreon participates as a logistics supplier within the automotive industry globally thus it has developed processes regarding how to best serve production lines efficiently – said Szabó Gergely, leader of the project team which made the changes.

The rearranged vehicle production logistics area, was always struggling with problems. Because of the continuously arising new requirements the processes became difficult in this department and the area had started to “out-grow” itself. In the category of premium vehicle production the possibility of parts combinations is almost endless. With improper work coordination and confusing processes a wrong move can immediately lead to downtime and repair.

In order to avoid such issues the warehouse, staging areas and delivery processes must be see-through. Unnecessary steps from the logistics process were eliminated with the area’s rearrangement where ergonomic and continuous work-flow were largely emphasized. Thus the most difficult part of the supply sequencing became simpler. The access to parts is now easier, the collection routes are shorter and controls became more efficient because of the centralized zones.

As well as the rearrangement of the entire KLT- and GLT-supply the rest of the processes were defined in this purpose too.

– Approximately six months passed between the start and the realization of the project. During this period of time we rebuilt the storage locations; there is no location which was not re-planned and transformed by syncreon. New markings were given to the different storage locations, surfaces, and zones. We modernized the majority of the delivery equipment; even the crossings were rebuilt – summarized Cseke László, a co-leader of the logistics project for the vehicle area.

– We were trying to make things easier so we developed a system which is see-through and can easily be monitored. When the success of delivery largely depends on human factors, the appropriate visual management is absolutely necessary. Just like in a supermarket: signs and pictures help with orientation – added Szabó Gergely.

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