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CSR Location Award Winners for 2017

Congratulations to the sites who have been awarded our CSR Location Award Winners for 2017. The below sites put in tremendous work during the course of the year to raise money and awareness for charities!

Overall Winner for Fundraising and Volunteer Efforts 2017: Juárez, Mexico

Juárez, Mexico were chosen as they have shown on going yearly progression in relation to their local community outreach programmes. They have raised money to donate to worthy causes and volunteered their time demonstrating a genuine commitment to the community. The judging panel were also impressed by their creativity, external recognition for their charity work and high involvement with the local community, including earthquake support and aid for enabled people.

Best Fundraising Efforts 2017: Windsor, Canada

Through their numerous fundraising events over the year, Windsor raised $18,858.25 for their chosen causes.

Best Volunteer Efforts 2017: Moscow, Russia

An incredible 100% of syncreon Moscow’s workforce volunteered their time to local charities

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