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Community Outreach Awards | 2018

At syncreon, our global team represents a variety of cultures, languages and needs and we encourage our employees to be personally active in their community, support local and charitable organisations and for this to have a meaningful impact for all the people involved.

Our 2018 company theme for Community Outreach empowered sites on how best to connect with local communities under the umbrella “Access and Empowerment for People of All Abilities”. 

In 2018 we expanded on the success we have had with this initiative and continue the enablement theme in 2019 to support and maximize the potential of individuals within our communities and help them overcome the obstacles they face.

We would like to thank all our teams who participated in this rewarding initiative globally.

Congratulations to the Community Outreach Awards winners for 2018!

Best Volunteer Efforts for 2018, Wolverhampton, UK:

The Wolverhampton workforce volunteered time to fifteen events during 2018

Best Fundraising Efforts for 2018, Olive Branch, USA

Through their fundraising events they raised the highest dollar amount per employee of any company location globally

Overall Winner for 2018, Hinckley, UK

High involvement with the local community through a multitude of activities, work reflected the theme, and positively impacted a variety of causes

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