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Christmas jumper event | Raises funds for CliniClowns

In December, multiple syncreon sites in The Netherlands, including Tilburg, Waalwijk I & Waalwijk II, joined together for a Christmas jumper event. During the event, a raffle was held to raise funds for CliniClowns, a charity which the Netherlands group has supported for many years now.

CliniClowns brings resilience and lightness to sick and handicapped children and people living with dementia. Through visits, the organization creates precious moments with the children and elderly, helping them relax, feel more positive and reduce feelings of anxiety. The clowns can also change feelings of uncertainty, loneliness and isolation.

Conor Garvey, Chairman, CSR Waalwijk, presented a sizable donation of 5,600 euro, raised by the Christmas jumper event, to CliniClowns.

In addition, Christmas boxes were gifted to Voedselbank, a food bank which provides food parcels to people who have no money for groceries. This food is not purchased but obtained from surpluses and donations, preventing waste and reducing the burden on the environment.

Excellent job Netherlands’ crew – and thank you to everyone who participated!

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