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syncreon is Expert for Automotive Exports

syncreon expands CKD (Completely Knocked-Down) and SKD (Semi Knocked-Down) vehicle body exports from Germany to China and Brazil.

syncreon has opened a new location in the industrial area of ​​New Wulmstorf-Mienenbüttel with excellent transport connections and short distances to the port of Hamburg. This is the most recent addition to the rapidly expanding network of sites that syncreon operates to support their Automotive customers’ vehicle export operations. A ribbon cutting ceremony attended by syncreon and customer executives officially opened the operation. Inside the 15,000 square meter facility, syncreon performs export processing for two body styles with final destinations to China and Brazil. In the medium term about 300,000 cubic meters of vehicle parts per year to be collected, packed, loaded into containers and sent to various production sites worldwide.

syncreon performs the core functions of Container management, customs clearance and freight forwarding control, receipt of goods, warehousing, order picking and kitting, Quality control, packaging and packaging planning , delivery of sea and rail freight, container optimization, legal support for customs, among others. In total, since ramp-up of initial production in March 2015, the Hamburg operation will generate more than 200 new jobs in the commercial and industrial sectors. Functions include packers, forklift drivers, dispatchers, export professionals and quality experts. syncreon Hamburg has specialized as a dynamic business location on the optimization of the supply chain in the “picking and shipping of vehicle components” for the automotive industry.

syncreon offers Automotive OEMs innovative and scalable solutions with highest quality performance. Their expertise encompasses a wealth of experience in the Complete-Knock-Down (CKD) and Export Packing division. Through a global corporate network, syncreon accumulates wide-ranging experience and proven best practice solutions.

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