Corporate Social Responsibility and syncreon

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a core value for both syncreon as a company and for our individual team members throughout the world. We understand that we are members of our communities and must proactively create strong relationships and share what we have and what we know with others.

Our global team represents a variety of cultures, languages and needs.  We encourage our associates to be personally active in their community and support local and charitable organizations. As a team, we share a commitment to improve our communities.


We integrate environmental considerations into our corporate activities and actively strive to meet high conservation standards in fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. In recent years, syncreon has been bringing sustainability issues towards the core of its business. The principles of the environmental policy are adhered to at all sites.


syncreon values the health and safety of our workforce, customers, and citizens of the communities in which we operate. Our vision is to create an injury-free workplace and a company culture where environmental excellence is second nature. syncreon continues to be committed to providing employees with an environment that is not harmful to their health and well-being.


Our global team represents a variety of cultures, languages, and needs. We encourage our associates to be personally active in their community and support local and charitable organizations. As a team, we share a commitment to improve our communities.

Our Campaigns

From our start in 2007, syncreon has supported a variety of charitable activities. In 2013, we organized on a global scale to unite the efforts of our local teams and established a focus for our volunteer work. Some years we work as a whole to assist a specific cause, in other years, we work individually and in local teams with a common intention such as enriching children's lives or promoting education. In all of our efforts, we seek to create and sustain value in the organizations and communities that we support.  

Our focus for 2017 is Body, Mind and Enablement.   Our global team represents a variety of cultures, languages and needs and we encourage our employees to be personally active in their community, support local and charitable organisations and for this to have a meaningful impact for all of the people involved.

For the past few years our focus has been on Children, Body and Mind.  We have supported causes that fight disease, hunger and support the education of our children.  In 2017 we are expanding on the success we have had with this initiative and have added Enablement to support and maximize the potential of individuals within our communities and help them overcome the obstacles they face.

In 2016, we raised more than US$113,314.01 in employees donations and over 1416 of our team members volunteered at least three or more hours of their time.  We have a Global Steering Committee who oversee our Campaign and we will to continue to build on these achievements.

In 2016, we continue the campaign theme, Children: Body and Mind. Our employees work individually and in regional teams to support charitable causes that fight disease and hunger or promote the education of children. We maintain educational relationships we established during 2014-15 fundraising events and deepen these connections.  A global syncreon steering committee oversees our campaign.

In 2015, we raised more than US$63,000 and over 800 of our team members have volunteered three or more hours of their time. Our 2016 goals include continued improvement of these achievements.



In 2015 we worked locally while sharing the unifying campaign theme, Children: Body and Mind. Our employees worked individually and in regional teams to support charitable causes that fight disease and hunger or promote the education of children. We strengthened community educational relationships established during our 2014 giving campaign.  A global syncreon steering committee oversees our campaign.

Throughout 2015, our global locations raised more than US$63,000 and over 800 of our team members volunteered substantially in related events.



In 2014, we focused on Children and Education. Each syncreon location identified specific themes and goals to make a meaningful impact in their community.

Examples of activities held include holiday sweet sales, car washes, book donations, providing back packs with school supplies, selling casual-day permits, charity raffles, charity runs, sports competitions and family fun days.  There have also been indoor and outdoor renovations of schools and kindergartens. 

Throughout 2014, our global locations raised more than US$54,000 and over 500 of our team members volunteered substantially in related events. Including company contributions, the annual total was $268,000.



In 2013, the company introduced its first “global campaign” to raise money for a designated organization.  The result of our efforts was raising more than $720,000 in support of Chernobyl Children International (CCI); an organization that is very close to our hearts and part of our company history. This was an opportunity for our global team to come together and make significant contributions to CCI and, more important, to the many people that CCI supports.

CSR Reference & Resources

2016 Overall Winner for Fundraising and Volunteer Efforts

Hortolandia, Brazil

Hortolandia, Brazil were chosen as they have shown continuous improvement year on year in relation to their Community Outreach Programme.  They have raised money to donate to worthy causes and volunteered their time demonstrating a genuine commitment to the programme which was also evidenced by their frequency of events.  The judging panel were also impressed by their creativity relating to their recycling projects which have raised money and some of the items have been used to support their volunteer project, creating a Happy Garden at the Children’s Happy House Children’s Institute.

2016 Best Fundraising Efforts:

Brampton, Canada

Through their fundraising events syncreon Branpton raised US$ 86.36 per employee

2016 Best Volunteer Efforts:

SJC Puebla, Mexico

Toluca, Mexico

100% of their workforce volunteered their time during 2016

2016 Special Recognition Awards:     

Gyor, Hungary

Windsor, Canada

Hinckley & Lutterworth, UK

These sites have been involved in the Community Outreach Program since  2013 and continue to build their local programs.  

 2015 Overall Winner

Gyor, Hungary

Congratulations to syncreon Gyor, the winning local team.  The Gyor team in Hungary is fully committed to CSR efforts and enjoys the team building benefits of working together to support a great cause. They exemplify syncreon's culture of synergy. Congratulations, Gyor Team!

­­­Watch the Gyor CSR Video:

2015 Best Fundraising Efforts:

Limerick, Ireland

Through their fundraising events they raised US$ 113.00 per employee

2015 Best Volunteer Efforts:

Tilburg, NL

51% of their workforce gave at least 3 hours of volunteer time during 2015

2015 Special Recognition Awards:     

Brazil team for their creativity in relation to their Cooking Oil Recycling Initiative.

Germany team for most improved Region.

Hinckley/Lutterworth, UK for raising USD $19,396.04, a third of our total.

Windsor, ON, CA for continuing with their CSR activities despite their facility being shut down for 16 weeks and an additional six weeks of reduced working hours during our customer's re-tooling period.

2014 Overall Winner for Fundraising and Volunteer Efforts:

Hinckley/Lutterworth, UK

2014 Best Fundraising Efforts:

Windsor, ON, CA

2014 Best Volunteer Efforts:

Gyor, Hungary

While our goal is to support education through volunteer and fundraising activities, we also want to encourage our employees to be creative and have fun with their events.

Here is a list of possibilities!


  • Agricultural show
  • Aerobathon
  • Antique Fairs
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Astrology Evenings
  • Athletic Meetings


  • Baby-sitting
  • Bad hair/tie day in the workplace
  • Baked beans bath
  • Bake sale
  • Balloon Race
  • Barbeque
  • Barn Dance
  • Bazaars
  • Beard Shaving
  • Bike Tours
  • Blind date
  • Book Sale
  • Bridge night
  • Bring & Buy sale


  • Car Boot Sale
  • Car Wash
  • Carol singing
  • Church gate collection
  • Coffee morning
  • Comedy night
  • Computer game competition/marathon
  • Coin collection
  • Concert
  • Contribute percentage of earnings (workplace)


  • Dance-a-thon
  • Darts competition
  • Dinner Dance
  • Dog show/Dog walk
  • Discos
  • Drawing competition
  • Dress down/up day in the workplace
  • Duck race


  • Easter bonnet competition
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Egg and spoon race
  • Exhibitions
  • Expeditions


  • Face Painting
  • Fancy Dress Party
  • Fashion Show
  • Festivals
  • Film show
  • Fishing competition
  • Flower show
  • Football (5-a-side)
  • Fortune Telling
  • Fun Run


  • Gala evening
  • Games Night
  • Garage sale
  • Garden Party
  • Girls V Boys Day/ Event
  • Golf Classic/Tournament
  • Good as New-sale
  • Guess the height/weight/amount


  • Halloween Party
  • Head shave
  • Hill Walking/Running
  • Hopscotch
  • Horse Show
  • Hurling solo run


  • Ice-cream Day


  • Jamboree
  • Jazz night
  • Jelly eating competition
  • Jigsaw puzzle competition
  • Joke competition
  • Juggling Contest


  • Karaoke Night
  • Kite flying
  • Knitathon
  • Knockout pillow fighting


  • Lawn Mowing Day
  • Leg waxing-for men
  • Line dancing
  • Luncheons


  • Magic Show
  • Marathons/ Mini Marathon
  • Masked ball
  • Midnight feast
  • Music Recitals
  • Musical chairs


  • Name the doll competition
  • No Uniform Day


  • Obstacle Course
  • Odd One Out Competition


  • Pantomime/Play
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Penalty Shoot-out
  • Pet Show
  • Pie eating competition
  • Pillow fight
  • Plant sale
  • Photograph competition
  • Poetry competition
  • Pub Quiz


  • Quizzes


  • Race Night
  • Radio Controlled Car Race
  • Rag Weeks
  • Read-a-thon
  • Role Reversal Day


  • Sponsored Cycle / Walk / Run / Slim / Swim / Silence / ANYTHING!
  • Shoe Shining day
  • Shave
  • Skate Boarding
  • Sports Day
  • Street Collection
  • Supermarket Bag Packing
  • Swear Box
  • Table Quiz


  • Talent Competition
  • Tea Party
  • Teddy Bear's Picnic
  • Themed Evening
  • Tennis Tournament
  • Theatre Premiere
  • Three Legged Race
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Trek
  • Tug-o-war
  • Tupperware Party


  • Unwanted Gift Sale


  • Valet Services
  • Variety Show
  • Vegetable Sale
  • Volleyball Marathon


  • Walks
  • Water Games
  • Wellie Throw Competition
  • Wheelbarrow Race
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
  • Window Cleaning


  • Yard Cleaning
  • Yogathon
  • Yo-Yo Competition
  • Zodiac Readings

We want to share your CSR story!

If you have a fundraising or volunteering story from your syncreon facility, please include the details below and send to this email LINK.

  • Event date
  • syncreon site(s) participating
  • Details of the event
  • Amount raised $ USD
  • Organization that benefits
  • Duration/Details of Volunteering
  • Great Pictures are appreciated!
  • Include other links or facts that apply.
  • Contact name

Thank you.

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