syncreon understands that efficient supply chains are sustainable supply chains. We have made steady progress in defining supply chain sustainability and developing bench-marking tools that enable our green action plans to be developed and implemented.

A key requirement of our own sustainable supply chains is communication and collaboration with our customers.  Open minds and creative approaches have demonstrated that we can reduce waste by changing our habits and testing the inspired ideas of our employees, customers, and suppliers.  Investment in alternative processes and in increasing awareness has been a crucial element in our ability to reduce costs and the environmental impact of our services.

The Basics

This is the base level and is the stage in which the majority of organizations are at. Companies employ simple measures such as switching lights and PCs off when left idle, recycling paper, and using greener forms of travel with the purpose of reducing the day-to-day carbon footprint. Some companies also employ self-service technologies such as centralized procurement and teleconferencing.

Think Green

This is the second level, where companies begin to realize the need to embed sustainability into supply chain operations. Companies tend to achieve this level when they assess their impact across a local range of operations. In terms of the supply chain, this could involve supplier management, product design, manufacturing rationalization, and distribution optimization.

Sustainability as a Science

The third tier of supply chain sustainability uses auditing and benchmarks to provide a framework for governing sustainable supply chain operations. This gives clarity around the environmental impact of adjustments to supply chain agility, flexibility, and cost in the supply chain network.[8] Moving towards this level means being driven by the current climate (in which companies recognize cost savings through green operations as being significant) as well as pushing emerging regulations and standards at both an industry and governmental level.

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