Export Packing

syncreon has deep expertise providing automotive consolidation and packing services. We coordinate global export shipping programs for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Completely-knocked-down lots (CKD)

CKD lots are packaged and shipped in engineered pack solutions. The bill of material shipped includes components broken down into their primary form. CKD lot sets, together with any parts procured locally in the destination country, allow overseas assemblers to produce in a low volume, low cost scenario. The number of product derivatives typically is low and the lot set size is constant (e.g., 12, 24, 96).

Example:  Vehicles produced by a car manufacturer are packed and shipped broken down into high density CKD lot sets for assembly overseas in the destination count.

Semi-knocked-down lots (SKD)

SKD lot sets are managed in a similar way to CKD sets. However, in an SKD environment more built-up component assemblies are shipped and typically include units with a higher level of completion. An SKD assembler will have a lower-cost investment facility and less complex tooling. SKD is often used on low-volume runs or in the start-up phase of an overseas assembly facility.

Example:  Vehicles produced by a car manufacturer are packed and shipped, separated into only a few fully constructed parts. These large segments are re-assembled in the destination country.

Part-by-Part (PBP)

PBP component shipments, in contrast to CKD and SKD, require a more sophisticated overseas assembler with full control of their bill of material and high local parts sourcing. Shipment lines (part numbers and quantities) are not constant and generally not in engineered pack solutions.

Packaging design & engineering

syncreon packaging design and engineering services include:

  • Program and product specific packaging designs
  • Optimization of space utilization, product protection, handling instructions, and recyclability
  • Material flow analysis and consulting
  • Procurement, production, and testing of packaging material

Deconsolidation services

syncreon has the required expertise to receive and unbox material shipments at overseas customer destination. Our deconsolidation services include the management of inbound shipping containers and conveyances and the unloading and control of parts and components. Intelligent warehouse management systems ensure fast, accurate and efficient handling of received inventory. Material handling and movement to stocking points or line-side to point-of-fit are integrated with the plant operating routines.


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