Operational Excellence

syncreon’s Operational Excellence is recognized both by customers and industry analysts. We are committed to operating each of our global sites with the highest degree of safety, quality, and efficiency. 

syncreon incorporates Lean and Six Sigma methodologies into our business process improvement (BPI) approach.  We have developed a comprehensive employee training and certification program to support consistent quality methods and syncreon standards among our global facilities.  In addition, our focus on material flow and waste elimination serves as a re-enforcing mechanism for continuous improvement.  Our roots in Automotive and Technology serve us well in exceeding the need for just-in-time requirements and accelerated life cycles.

The results of our disciplined approach are evident in the high achievement of operational metrics as measured by our customers.  To maintain our operational advantage, we:

  • Offer education, training and certification to employees
  • Drive standardized work and processes within and across sites
  • Live a Lean mindset
  • Practice Six Sigma methodology
  • Establish global common metrics among our operations